Facebook launches “Facebook Reels” Feature With Ads And Editing Options

Facebook launches "Facebook Reels" Feature With Ads And Editing Options

Facebook’s TikTok–like Reels are now available worldwide through the service’s iOS and Android apps, including in more than 150 countries. While announcing this expansion, Facebook also said it will roll out new editing tools and video clipping tools in the coming months, giving creators the ability to make their own edits of existing content or to create long-form videos with “Reels Remix” tools.

Facebook launches "Facebook Reels" Feature With Ads And Editing Options
This is how Facebook Reels will look like

Meta says that in the coming weeks, users will be able to share Reels in more places, including in Stories and the platform’s Watch tab. The company did not share any new statistics for the success of its Reels platform. Meta has made several TikTok-like features popular on Instagram, but it is uncertain how successful it has been as a challenge to TikTok as a whole.

Meta is also adding more ads to Facebook Reels. Two new formats will appear banner ads and static sticker ads. Paid Stars, a way for fans to directly donate to creators, will be made available to creators in nearly all countries where the company has access to in-stream ads.


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