Netflix tests its TikTok like Fast Laugh feed on TVs

Netflix tests its TikTok like Fast Laugh feed on TVs
Netflix Fast Laugh

Fast Laugh For TVs

Netflix recently launched a new feature called “Fast Laughs”. Fast Laughs provides users with comedy clips on their smartphones. Fast Laughs was first introduced last year, and recently Netflix has started testing it with its TV app. The company is currently rolling out Fast Laughs for subscribers in English-speaking countries including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Fast Laughs feature for TVs is currently in the testing phase, and it will roll out to Netflix account holders on their TVs. The feature will be optional, but once activated, it will offer funny clips from Netflix shows, movies, and comedy specials. Fast Laughs isn’t prominently displayed on the main home page of the Netflix app.

Netflix tests its TikTok like Fast Laugh feed on TVs
Screenshot Of Netflix’s “Fast Laugh” (Mobile Version)

The expansion of Netflix’s Fast Laughs feature to TV is easy to see. The service will likely be a boon for viewers in search of a show to watch. Fast Laughs is the ultimate kind of “discovery tool” when you can’t seem to find something on Netflix. It’s incredibly effective at helping you pick out a show according to your interest.

Fast Laughs is just like its smartphone counterpart. It will be unavailable from under 18 accounts, and it is absent from all kid profiles. Content suggestions will be provided by Fast Laughs if users happen to find something they like. Fast Laughs is yet another method of helping viewers to make a decision whether they want to watch a show or add it to their watch list.


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