WhatsApp is Introducing Massage Reaction & Shortcuts

WhatsApp is Introducing Massage Reaction & Shortcuts

While WhatsApp has been working on improving its platform, it has also been designing new shortcuts for users to search messages, as well as adding a new feature allowing users to react to messages by using reactions. The platform is also improving the way users can interact with others and be better connected.

Inside WhatsApp Reaction Feature:

WhatsApp users now have the option to send six emoji reactions with their texts. The emoji reactions can make a conversation more fun and entertaining, while also allowing users to make their messages more expressive. Users can use their reactions to react to others’ messages on WhatsApp Android and iOS as well as on WhatsApp desktop beta.

WhatsApp is Introducing Massage Reaction & Shortcuts
A screenshot of WhatsApp Reaction Feature (Credit: WABetainfo)

Inside WhatsApp Shortcut Search

WhatsApp has been testing a new feature that would allow users to search for keywords within their chats. However, it has not been rolled out to everyone yet. If you want to get the new search feature, go to the Google Play Store and update your version of WhatsApp to update the beta version. Once you’ve done that, this feature should appear in your app and you will be able to use it.

According to sources, a new feature is a group of six emojis that stays out of sight most of the time. If you’re in a group message or scrolling through your chat history and the cursor passes over a message, an emoji button will appear below your message list. Tap it, and six previously hidden emojis will appear. You can then choose one of them to react to a message without typing any words.


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