MCC Imposes its new cricket laws

MCC Imposes its new cricket laws
South African fast bowler can be seen using saliva on the ball while Afghan bowler is using the “Mankad Rule”

MCC Imposes its new cricket laws

The game of cricket is made up of new rules that are meant to keep the game fair and everyone on the same playing field. This now includes not being allowed to use saliva to shine the ball and allowing the use of the “Mankad” method of dismissing batters. The game was updated for health reasons, a ban on applying saliva to the ball, which came after the game of cricket was suspended when COVID-19 hit.

The new rule, according to the MCC, is that when a player is out caught, the new player in will come in at the end of the previous striker’s turn. Unless it is the end of an over.

If you’re wondering what the “Mankad” rule in Cricket is? Then here is your answer, “Mankad” is the dismissal, When a non-striker gets out of the crease and the bowler hits the ball, it is called a “run out”. This is one of cricket’s most controversial cricket rules, which was named after the Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad because, In 1947, an Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad ran out Australia’s Bill Brown in the same controversial way.

In recent years, the spirit of cricket has been tested. The Lord’s-based MCC (once the sole authority on the laws of cricket) has announced that changes will be effective Oct. 1. And will be applied to all leagues on an international level. These updates are aimed at keeping up with the changing times and reflect the disruption of a game that is not just about bats and wickets.


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