Saba Qamar About Her Mrs. & Mr. Shameem Web series

Interview: Saba Qamar About Her Mrs. & Mr. Shameem Web series
Mrs. & Mr. Shameem Web series

Saba Qamar About Her Mrs. & Mr. Shameem Web series

Saba Qamar has been in the Bollywood industry for a short time, but Saba has already made enough of an impression to be missed. While she does miss working in India, she is still extremely grateful for the opportunities she has been given.

Saba’s Views About Being In The Bollywood

Saba claims about being in Bollywood “You wouldn’t have such a great way to express your thoughts and ideas. You wouldn’t have such amazing people, nice actors, directors, scriptwriters, and other amazing content creators. You wouldn’t be able to make such important content. How could you not want to work in this kind of environment?

Saba also said, “I feel that art should not be constrained by boundaries. The artist has no boundaries and art should not either. But, sometimes boundaries and restrictions are out of your control, so you should not focus on them too much.

Saba Explaining The Mrs. & Mr. Shameem’s Plot

Saba Qamar of Mrs. & Mr. Shameem spoke on Zee5’s latest web series. In her words, the show is about two “unconventional people” that “discover the true meaning of love” and “define their marriage by their rules, not following stereotypical norms set by society”.

While explaining the plot Saba said, “In our society, we’re given a typical definition of what a man or a perfect lover is. He should be muscular and handsome, have money and a good job, and come from a good family. But in reality, things are different. Shameem’s character is not transgender or gay; he just doesn’t fit the traditional definition of masculinity. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings or that he doesn’t deserve love. Perhaps he knows what true love is”

Saba, the actress who portrays Mrs.Shameem in the film, says that while the character’s beauty is not superficial, it is important. As she tells it: “The beauty of Shameem’s character is that he respects and loves her. In the beginning, my character too couldn’t understand that because she also thinks like other people, like sometimes we don’t give respect to people that they deserve.


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