Is iPhone SE 2022 5G Need A Screen Protector?

Is iPhone SE 2022 5G Need A Screen Protector?
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Is iPhone SE 2022 5G Need A Screen Protector?

Do you want to protect your new Apple iPhone SE 2022 before the scratches and cracks begin? A screen protector is a very useful investment that can help keep devices free of damage. However, not all smartphones are worthy of screen protection. The iPhone SE 2022 is an affordable option with some small updates.

Apple has been working with Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass, to formulate its own custom blends that are slightly better than those of competitors.

Apple added some of the same protection from the flagships to the lower-priced iPhone SE 2022. Glass on both the front and back is stronger, matching the glass on the back of the iPhone 13.

This means that it’s less likely to break if dropped, but it can still be scratched. It’s still recommended that you clean your phone frequently and apply a screen protector to lessen scratches, just like any other smartphone.

Apple’s iPhones are well-known for their water resistance. In fact, an Apple iPhone SE 2022 is not just water-resistant but can withstand being submerged in three feet of water for up to half an hour without any issues. It’s not as water-resistant as the iPhone 13, which can submerge up to 18 feet deep.

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