Electric Scooter Yamaha NEO Launched In Europe, Check It’s Specs

Electric Scooter Yamaha NEO Launched In Europe, Check It’s Specs

Earlier in March, the European arm of Yamaha held its Switch On event, where it introduced a number of new and upcoming electric mobility options for the new year. These included electric bikes, two-wheeled concepts, and a near-production NEO’s electric scooter.

Sure enough, on March 10, 2022, Yamaha officially launched the NEO’s electric scooter as a 2022 model. Yamaha NEO’s scooter appeared to be very near-production in that presentation.

Yamaha NEO Specs

The Yamaha NEO is a reflection of what’s to come in electric vehicle technology, being easy to ride and ultra-quiet, as well as minimal to zero emissions when compared with its combustion equivalents. The NEO has a Yamaha proprietary YIPU (Yamaha Integrated Power Unit) rear wheel hub and rear brake systems.

The all-new NEOs from Yamaha comes with a pack of one 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery. This lightweight, efficient battery module is easily charged on or off the scoot. In an effort to provide better service to their customers, the company also offers an optional second battery pack that can be installed right next to the first one for an extended range.

A girl is riding a Yamaha scooter
A girl is riding a Yamaha scooter

In a world where most mid-range electric bikes can barely go for 20 miles, the Yamaha’s range of 37 kilometers is much appreciated. What is even better is that the installation of an additional battery will extend the bike’s range to 68 kilometers, or just over 42 miles!

The Yamaha NEO has a lot of useful features for the modern rider. You might expect this, but in 2022 with the help of its new MyRide app, you can connect to your NEO from your smartphone. The scooter also features a keyless ignition option, So you will be able to start your scooter without doing it physically.

Yamaha NEO Scooter With MyRide App
Yamaha Scooter With MyRide App

Yamaha Neo will be available in 2 color choices. While its price will be around $3,920


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