Netflix has increased subscription prices

Netflix has increased subscription prices

Netflix just increased its subscription prices for the US and Canada in January. Now, Netflix is increasing prices in the UK and Ireland. In the UK, the basic plan will cost 2 pounds more and the premium plan will cost 3 pounds more.

Netflix, which has 14 million subscribers in the UK and 600K in Ireland according to Ampere Analysis, is the most popular brand of streaming service. With this service, you can watch shows, movies, and documentaries in high definition quality on up to 2 devices. Netflix’s most popular subscription is the standard plan, which currently costs £7 to €9.

Netflix New subscription price for Uk & Ireland

Subscription PlanPrice In UKPrice In Ireland
Premium 16£21£
Netflix New subscription price for Uk & Ireland

New members will be subject to these changes starting immediately, but existing members will be notified 30 days before the changes take effect.

Netflix’s decision to increase the cost of its service has been met with a wave of criticism. The streaming service defends itself by saying that this will allow them to “continue investing in UK productions and offer a wide variety of curated quality shows and films.” Netflix assures its customers that each price plan will offer its members access to the full content library without any hidden costs or charges.


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