Roman Abramovich Is No More Chelsea’s Director

Roman Abramovich Is No More Chelsea’s Director

The Premier League Board disqualified Roman Abramovich (Russian Businessman) as a Chelsea director following sanctions placed on the Russian billionaire and he is now unable to be involved in any football-related activities. The British government sanctioned Abramovich following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he then proceeded to be disqualified by the Premier League Board.

The sanctions are intended to stop Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich from making money in the UK. Now, staff can be paid and existing ticket holders can attend matches. But until the UK government lifts its sanctions, Chelsea cannot make any new contracts with players or staff, transfer any players or staff, or sell any more tickets.

The Premier League’s decision to ban Abramovich from the board is a reaction to the sanctions imposed by the UK Government. The Russian tycoon, who is deemed to be in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. Nonetheless, the UK Government’s sanctions have led the Premier League to ban him from being a director of Chelsea Football Club.

Abramovich’s intention to sell Chelsea has opened up the possibility of a new host of potential buyers. His decision has brought with it a feeling of uncertainty among the team. Remember that, Pakistani billionaire Javed Afridi is also in line with Saudi officials to buy this club. Sources say Chelsea’s total worth is about 4 billion USD.

The Russian billionaire is said to have spent £1.5 billion on Chelsea, adding to the possibility that he will not have access to profit from the sale. In light of sanctions, the shirt sponsor has suspended its contract worth around £40 million.


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