Eyewitness says, Sana Javed harassed Manal Saleem

Eyewitness says, Sana Javed harassed Manal Saleem

The truth behind the controversy is finally revealed. Eyewitness, Syed Hussain shares that he was the only makeup artist on set and there was only one room for both of them to get their makeup done. He also recalls that Manal Saleem arrived on set before Sana Javed and hence she started getting her makeover done before the Khaani actress.

Makeup artist further added! While the shoot was happening, Model, Manal Saleem approached me before Sana Javed. The first to arrive was Manal, who then sat down to got her makeup done. While he was doing Manal’s makeup, Sana, the second model to arrive, came over and asked that Manal leave the room. Manal had to go and his assistant finished her makeup, later. In the middle of the shooting, Sana interrupted her shots. Manal protested, and Sana responded harshly.

Sayed Hassan also said In this industry, it is important to condemn such behaviors. This includes derogatory phrases and rude behavior. Nobody has the right to humiliate someone by their words or degrade someone with their actions.

Remember that, some allegations of being rude with colleagues were made against Sana Javed in the past few days. These allegations have taken place within the entertainment industry. Now an eyewitness has claimed the same.


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