Instagram New Feature: Now Yo can add moderators

Instagram New Feature: Now Yo can add moderators

The wildly popular social media platform Instagram has just released a new feature of adding moderators to the live stream. The moderator will be able to regulate live video streams. They’ll be able to comment, report comments, remove viewers from the stream, and even turn off comments for one single viewer.

Its benefit will be if you’re live streaming to your fans on Instagram. And then, the comments start to pour in. Potential customers or fans are eager to get their feedback on your new product, service, or something you are announcing. And you want to let them know about it, but you’re busy and it doesn’t allow you to reply, or you want to remove annoying users. Now, you can assign a moderator for your Live video to do the rest of the work.

You can assign a moderator by tapping the three dots in the comment bar (when you’re live streaming), then scrolling through a list of suggested accounts and choosing one.

Instagram was the only major social media platform without this feature, falling behind even Facebook and Instagram’s sister company, which have made moderation tools a priority. Now they have come forward and have taken the step.


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