Vanced to shut down after Google sends claim

Vanced to shut down after Google sends claim

Google is trying to shut down the popular Vanced YouTube app, which many people downloaded because it allowed background playback and ad-skipping. The creators of Vanced have revealed the project will be shut down in the coming days, with download links set to be removed. It’s unknown whether Vanced will work for anyone who has it installed on their Android phone, but it’s likely that it’ll stop working soon if there are no further updates.

Recently, Google sent a cease and desist letter to the creators of Vanced, an app for YouTube. They were forced to take down all references to YouTube and change their logo. They also had to remove all links to YouTube products.

Vanced is a popular third-party app for Android, but it offers even more than just blocking ads. Vanced offers to play videos in the background, which is not an option on the official YouTube app for free it’s a premium option it also allows users to skip the ads which is another Youtube premium option. This app also contains a bevy of customization options that are unavailable on the official YouTube app free.

That’s why Google approached to shut down the platform’s features that are related to YouTube.


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