Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Is Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Is Coming Soon

Smartwatches are still a growing market, and Samsung has been a major player in it. What’s more, the company will refresh its line-up with new models this year, called the Galaxy Watch 5. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is fully expected to be released in the coming months.

Last year’s Galaxy Watch 4 was a big upgrade, and fans are eagerly anticipating even more improvements in its successor. Interestingly, new details have emerged about the Galaxy Watch 5 battery, with the 40mm model featuring a bigger battery capacity than last year’s model.

According to a recent report by an online publication. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will have a battery capacity of 276mAh that’s slightly bigger than the 247mAh we found in the Galaxy Watch 4. This Galaxy Watch might be able to last longer on a single charge. This would be a welcomed improvement from its previous version. This could mean that we’re seeing bigger batteries across the lineup.

The latest version boasts a huge range of fitness features. So, we might get even more health and fitness tracking features with this new generation. Rumors indicate that the watch might have a temperature sensor, letting you know when you’re sick or getting sick.

The watch is coming to the markets soon! With its circular display, big battery, and high-quality sensors, it’s sure to be a hit. But you won’t have to wait until August


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