Tesla Has Raised Car Prices Again, Check New Prices

Tesla Has Raised Car Prices Again, Check New Prices

Tesla has increased prices across every one of its vehicles by between 5 and 10%. The Model 3, Tesla’s cheapest car, now costs $46,990. Tesla’s new top-end car, the Model X Trimotor, is now $138,990. However, this is the second price increase the company has implemented within a week.

As with much of the industry, raw material and logistics costs are on the rise but, Tesla’s increased prices can also be traced to Russia & Ukraine, where two ongoing conflicts are driving up the cost of material and logistics in the region.

The increased prices for raw materials such as steel, nickel, and palladium have been caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That’s why the company raised the prices.

The company’s CEO Elon Musk has yet to comment specifically on the new price increases, but a number of factors have likely played a part. On Monday he took Twitter and said “Tesla and SpaceX are seeing significant recent inflation pressure in raw materials & logistics”

Tesla New Car Prices

Models NamesNew Prices
X Tri Motor$138,990
S Tri Motor$135,990
X Dual Motor$114,990
S Dual Motor$99,990
Y Performance$67,990
3 Rear-Wheel Drive$46,990

After Musk’s tweet just 2 days later, Tesla announced price increases. Consumers aren’t happy with the price bump, but the company claims it’s justifiable. This Elon Musk’s company is already facing criticism due to its previous increase in prices. So it’s no surprise that, when it announced price increases across its entire lineup of electric vehicles this week, consumers were quick to react.


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