TikTok Launching “Snapchat Style” Stories

TikTok Launching “Snapchat Style” Stories

The #1 App for short-form social video, TikTok from Chinese company ByteDance has finally rolled out Snapchat-style stories to a larger audience. Soon, with a simple banner at the top of the app, users are invited to create stories based on videos shot in the app or existing content they have stored.

TikTok said that it is “experimenting with new creativity tools”, but again did not specify how many users were included in this test or how it was being rolled out. You can now use this feature to share your stories directly with your followers, who can watch them within 24 hours.

Tiktok stories
Screenshot of its new Stories feature

This is an awesome way for public figures to connect with their fans and for creators to build a dedicated audience! The new feature lets people create short stories that are shared with all of their followers as they happen, letting them engage with a larger audience and bring in more fans.


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