Starlink raises the price of the monthly service

Starlink raises the price of the monthly service

SpaceX’s Starlink is increasing the cost for both purchases of Starlink kits as well as for subscriptions to the service. The prices are believed to be different in comparison to Starlink’s premium services which cost customers $2500 to buy the kit and $500 per month for more performance. The brand new Starlink Premium service was unveiled in the year 2000.

At first, signing up to Starlink required a prepayment of $499 payment for a kit comprising all the required equipment, comprising a terminal for the user or antenna, to connect to SpaceX’s satellites. Customers then had to pay a monthly fee of $99 to ensure the service was running. In the future, the monthly fee would be $110. Any new order for this Starlink kit will cost $599. Customers who made a payment to purchase the kit originally priced at $499 will be required be paying $549 in lieu. The new prices for the month are set to be effective at various times for different customers.

When SpaceX first began offering Starlink to its customers it was estimated that the cost of building each antenna cost $3,000, meaning that SpaceX offered its Starlink kits to customers at an expense. In April of 2021, Shotwell said that SpaceX had been able to cut the cost of construction putting it around $1300 for the terminal.


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