Pakistani Citizens Living in Islamabad Can Now Register FIRs Online

Pakistani Citizens Living in Islamabad Can Now Register FIRs Online

Islamabad police are offering online FIR registration to its citizens. This new feature lets users register their complaints at any time. Even they receive instant updates on the progress when they choose to track their complaint.

Until now, it was mandatory to visit the concerned police station in person to register a complaint this new mode is a welcome change. Users can register their complaints through an official website operated by the capital’s police department.

Furthermore, in addition, foreigners and out of Pakistanis as well as citizens of other cities are also able to submit complaints to the CMS. The new system is expected to increase trust in the police and encourage more citizens to report the crime.

Citizens may use CMS to file complaints about the kinds of complaints listed below:

  • A Reservation on an investigation
  • Registration of a FIR
  • Criminality against children and women
  • A complaint against government officials
  • A Traffic complaints

One should visit Islamabad police’s CMS (Complaint Management System) to register a complaint. Following the submission of the complaint, the complaint will be directed to the appropriate Police Station and it will be overseen by the top ICT Police Officials.

After the registration of the complainant or FIR user will be notified about the registration success of the complaints via SMS confirmation.


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