Twitter New Feature: Lets You Search DMs for Massages

Twitter New Feature: Lets You Search DMs for Massages

Twitter has expanded its messaging search feature. Now, users can search for specific keyword conversations in private direct messages (DMs) on Twitter. Previously, users could only search for the names of groups or individuals.

The update allows you to search for conversations that match a keyword, like “dog,” and will pull up all relevant messages.

If you ever lose a “Message” from someone, or can’t remember if it was them or someone else who said something, this update is sure to come in handy. And this update is going to help you find those conversations that are buried deep in your inbox.

The change was for a long time, ever since Twitter introduced its DM search function to Android on May 20, 2021. The new feature is available across all platforms unlike the initial search feature, which was only accessible on iOS for nearly two years prior to when Twitter introduced it to Android.

The company has shared a GIF that demonstrates how the new search feature works. You can type any word in the bar of search, like “restaurant” as well as “book.” In the next step, the results are divided into three types: All people groups, and messages. If you click”messages” in the “messages” tab and click “messages,” you’ll view every conversation in which the keyword came up.


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