Spotify is testing a new ‘Car Mode’ Feature

Spotify is testing a new ‘Car Mode’ Feature

At first, On Spotify “Car View” was a simple solution for drivers to listen while driving — it displayed the essential playback controls and current track with visual cues for the driver. But over time, it became clear to Spotify that it could deliver higher quality in-car listening. After a few months, Car View will be retired because Spotify is revealing a new next-generation in-car listening experience.

Spotify’s this new feature is also compatible with Google Assistant in order to listen to podcasts and music without a headset while driving. It also integrates into conjunction with Google Maps so you can navigate while listening to Spotify.

Image Credit: 9to5google

Spotify is constantly improving its platform to ensure that users can find what they’re looking for when they have the perfect soundtrack for any situation. This feature allows users to browse and search for music using voice commands. Its Car Mode track player view has simple controls like a play/pause, skip, and similar buttons. Also, there’s a microphone button that allows you to search the library of Spotify while using Car Mode.

They’re adding a cool car mode so you don’t have to stop listening to what you love. The Car Mode test is currently being tested, but it could come to other platforms at some point.


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