IATAS has banned Russian Tv programs form competing

IATAS has banned Russian Tv programs from competing

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that it will ban Russian TV shows from competing in the awards category.

All programs made by Russian channels or produced with the help of Russian companies are not eligible for the awards, including any program produced under agreements signed by Russians. And the program will be removed from the proceedings if already submitted. According to the Academy, this change is a response to recent events in Ukraine.

With this move, they have eliminated a large amount of Russian-produced television from being considered for the awards. This last stipulation ensures that the awards’ integrity will remain intact.

The academy previously announced that in support of Ukraine, the organization had suspended the memberships of all Russian individuals, as well as all formal affiliations with Russia-based companies. In addition, it has revoked its recognition of the two Russian TV industry award ceremonies

Mikhail Solodovnikov of Russian-owned T&R Productions was removed from the International Academy’s board of directors. Other Russian members were also removed, including Elizaveta Brodskaya of RT. Russian-backed RT was nominated for an International Emmy in the news last year.

Recent conflict and developments forced the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences into action.


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