RRR Movie’s 2 Day Box Office Collection

RRR Movie’s 2 Day Box Office Collection

Bollywood film RRR has been doing well in the box office, raking in box office records left and right. After just two days in theaters, the film has already grossed over Rs.238 Crores INR, a figure that would make any Bollywood blockbuster envious. It’s no wonder people are praising the movie so much!

The film has also made it to 103 crores on its 2nd day, making it Ram Charan’s fastest box office opener ever. The Hindi version of RRR has also surpassed all other actor-oriented movies at the box office.

The biggest price tag of Rs. 238 Crores is already a huge success, with only two days of earnings! With collections across all languages, the movie is looking like it will have a long run at the box office.

This movie’s monetary success can be attributed to its well-written script, excellent marketing strategy, and word-of-mouth publicity. Touted as one of the biggest hits of the year, RRR promises to cross the approx Rs. 500 crore mark within a week.

Here is the 2-day box office collection of SS Rajamouli’s RRR movie

DaysBox Office Collection
Day 1Rs. 135 Crore INR
Day 2Rs. 103 Crore INR

The RRR’s Hindi version is proving to be a huge success on the screen. But if we consider the Hindi version, then it’s heading towards the correct direction, as the numbers grew by Rs.20.07 million INR in the Friday edition and to Rs.23.75 million INR the following Saturday.

The film is expected to do well on weekdays too, continuing its impressive performance at the box office and doubling its collection within 2,3 days


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