Nissan is launching its first EV with a solid-state battery

Nissan is launching its first EV with a solid-state battery

Nissan announced on Friday that it plans to establish an EV production line at its plant in Yokohama, Japan, with the aim of producing all-solid-state batteries for cars by 2028. All-solid-state batteries could one day lead to EVs that can charge in minutes and hold enough power for miles.

All-solid-state batteries could, in theory, charge more quickly and hold more power than lithium-ion batteries that most EVs use now.

The company said in a statement that it plans “to establish a pilot production line at its Yokohama Plant in fiscal 2024, with materials, design and manufacturing processes for prototype production on the line to be studied at the prototype production facility. The Japanese carmaker will be using this facility to experiment with the technology and try to bring the first all-solid-state battery EV to market in 2028.

Automakers aren’t the only ones racing to develop solid-state technology. Other automakers are working to develop solid-state batteries, too. Volkswagen, Ford, and other major carmakers are also making a play for the next generation of batteries. Soon, Toyota will also start manufacturing them.

All the top companies are also investing heavily in the development of automotive-grade all-solid-state batteries, which will be even more powerful than the kinds of batteries we see in our electric cars today.


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