Broncos Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy Arrested

Broncos Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy Arrested

According to the sheriff’s, Jerry Jeudy, a Denver Broncos wide receiver was taken into custody Thursday by Arapahoe County deputies. According to the Arapahoe Sheriff’s Office, Jeudy was charged with second-degree criminal interference with a domestic violence enhancement.

This can lead to 120 days imprisonment and/or $750 fines. The second-degree crime of criminal tampering is when someone tries to tamper with another person’s property with the intent to cause injury, inconvenience, or annoyance.

He is currently being held in Arapahoe County Jail, approximately an hour southeast of Denver. The 23-year old Jeudy was booked between 11:30 and 12:30 (MT) according to the Sheriff’s Office and is being held without bond. He is expected to stay in jail until a judge issues a restraining or.

Tyler Brown, Arapahoe County Sheriff, said that the incident involved Jeudy’s 1-month old child. She called police at 10:15 AM from a neighbour’s phone to request deputies to attend to her home in unincorporated Arapahoe County to “keep the peace” between Jeudy and her. He is accused of not allowing the woman to access the baby’s car seats, wallet, and medical records.

Jeudy could be suspended if the NFL finds that he violated the league’s personal behaviour policy.

According to court records, he was convicted of speeding between 10-19 mph and exceeding the speed limit of 75 mph in Arapahoe County last July.

Brown stated that there was no physical contact, although a domestic violence enhancement was added. This incident did not involve property and there was no damage. Domestic violence is now in effect because Jeudy has a daughter with the woman.

He was a former Alabama star and was drafted 15th in 2020. Deerfield Beach, Florida was his five-star recruiting location.


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