James Bradberry Signs With NFC East Rival

James Bradberry Signs With NFC East Rival

James Bradberry to the Eagles The ex-Giants Pro Bowl CB signs with NFC East rival for the 2022 season. In an effort to create Philadelphia the top team within the NFC East, Howie Roseman has signed James Bradberry on a one-year contract. For the past few months, Bradberry has been a prominent name in the ranks of teams from across the NFL who needed help with cornerbacks which includes those of the Eagles and Chiefs as well as other teams.

The deal is said to be worth $10 million, according to NFL Network, and will permit Bradberry to pursue some kind of revenge at Big Blue by battling them at least twice in the coming season.

The Giants have released previously their Pro Bowl cornerback, saving around $12 million in salary-cap space.

Bradberry will be joining the third NFL team, and his 2nd in NFC East, but on an evidence-based deal and hopes to help establish his name in the league, which is in opposition to All-Pro cornerback Darius Slay.

The cornerback coach and the coach were a couple from 2016 Bradberry’s rookie season and continued to be together until the year 2019 when Rivera was dismissed in the hands of the Panthers in what would turn out to be his last season for the team.

In the year 2020, which was the first year under the agreement in partnership with New York, Bradberry logged three interceptions and 18 pass deflections and was selected for his way to the Pro Bowl after being rated as the sixth-highest-rated cornerback in the sport of football.

As of 2021, Bradberry was able to defend 17 of his passes that he defended, and a career-high of four interceptions, however, his game was judged to be shaky when he scored a grade lower than the top 50.

Together with Slay, Philadelphia can bring their young cornerbacks in a steady manner, while also making Jonathan Gannon’s diverse defence more dynamic.


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