How did Raymond Briggs Died?

How did Raymond Briggs Died?

Author and illustrator Raymond Briggs died at the age of 88. His family confirmed his death, they said, “We know that Raymond’s books were loved by and touched millions of people worldwide, who will be sad to hear this news.”

The actual cause of death is not confirmed yet but our sources are saying he dies due to a cardiac attack. He has been in Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Raymond Redvers Briggs created much-loved children’s books Father Christmas, Fungus The Bogeyman and When The Wind Blows. Famous for his illustrations for the classic book The Snowman. The Snowman was sold over 5.5 million copies around the world — with the animated version of the book becoming a Christmas holiday staple since it was released in 1982.

The award-winning short film “The Snowman” is a heartwarming animation that echoes the sentiments of children, parents and grandparents alike. Chronicling the adventures of a young boy who spends a winter’s day by making a Snowman, Later the snowman magically comes to life.

Chris doesn’t just create brilliant and stunning works, he also has a number of awards to show for his hard work. He won Kate Greenaway Medal, and Francis Williams Award for Illustration for his work in Father Christmas. He also won Boston Globe–Horn Book Award, and Francis Williams Award for Illustration for The Snowman.

Briggs wasn’t just a professional curmudgeon: he was also a prolific writer and an animated storyteller who touched millions of readers’ hearts with his vivid imagination. He loved what he did, and it showed both in his writing style and in the way that he interacted with fans.

His love for children, respect for the written word, and talent as an artist helped set him apart from other cartoonists in history.


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