28 Best Movies Like ‘Lightyear’ Animated Sci-Fi Adventures

If you are someone who has watched Toy Story, then you might be aware of Buzz Lightyear and his mighty adventures. He was a fan favorite in all Toy Story movies and greatly deserved a movie of his own. Lightyear is an American animated sci-fi movie about the renowned space ranger Buzz Lightyear who is stranded on an unknown planet due to a poor choice made by him and follows his adventures as he tries to find a way to reach home. The film was directed and co-written by Angus MacLane, who also wrote ‘Finding Dory.’

Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger who stops at an unknown planet to search for signs of life but ends up breaking their space-traveling vessel turnip and getting stranded crew members. He attempts to build a Hyperspace crystal with the help of his teammates so that he can return to his own planet, but while testing the crystal formula, he ends up going into the future, where his crewmates have died, and their successors are introduced to him. With the help of his new teammates, Izzy, Mo, Sox, and Darby, Buzz fights several hostile lifeforms like Zurg and travels through time, hoping to return to his home planet.

The movie is a spinoff and the fifth part of the Toy Story franchise. Buzz Lightyear was first introduced in a 200o’s movie called Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, which was then made into a tv-series from 2000 to 2001. The film was unfortunately not a hit grossing 226 million dollars worldwide while the production budget was 200 million dollars. In case you like Lightyear and want to watch more outer space sci-fi animated movies, we have curated the best movie list for you.

1. Home (2015)

Home is a 2015 sci-fi comedy film directed by Tim Johnson. In the film, planet Earth is invaded by an alien race known as Boov, and the humans are relocated to a deserted place in Australia by Boov. Oh is a Boov who once made a mistake and has now become a fugitive. On the other hand, Tip is the only human who is left on earth and is searching for her mother, Lucy, who was lost during the relocation process. The movie follows the eventful journey of Tip and Oh as they go from enemies to friends and complete their individual missions together.

Home (2015)
Home (2015)

Home warmed the hearts of millions with its cute characters and hilarious lines. The film grossed 386 million dollars worldwide and received mixed criticism from people. The film follows the story of Oh, a skeptic Boov who holds a party at his home, but when nobody comes, he sends an invite to everybody on the planet, including Gorg, their longtime enemy.

Due to this, Oh is declared a fugitive by the other Boov for revealing their location to their enemy. Meanwhile, Tip is a little girl and the only human left on earth who is searching for her mother, Lucy. She goes to a grocery store to get supplies for her mission to find her mother and runs into Oh.

Oh, and Tim’s friendship had a rocky start but ended up becoming unbreakable by the end of the movie. Tip finds her mother, and Oh becomes a hero in the eyes of his fellow Boov by defeating the Gorg. Home is a fun and sweet movie that will make you smile even on your bad days. The home was voiced by Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and several others.

Where to watch: Home is streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.


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