Spotify Premium users on iPhone are in for some bad news — here’s why


Spotify has become a household name when it comes to streaming music and podcasts. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of content, the platform has garnered millions of users worldwide. However, if you’re a Spotify Premium user on an iPhone, there is some unfortunate news on the horizon. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the bad news and discuss the implications it has for Spotify Premium users.

  1. Removal of In-App Purchase Option:

One of the major changes affecting Spotify Premium users on iPhone is the removal of the in-app purchase option. In the past, users could subscribe to Spotify Premium directly within the app, making the process seamless and convenient. However, due to Apple’s strict policies regarding in-app purchases and the associated fees, Spotify has decided to remove this feature.

  1. Forced Use of Apple’s Payment System:

With the removal of the in-app purchase option, Spotify Premium users on iPhone are now forced to use Apple’s payment system for subscription management. This means that when users want to upgrade to Spotify Premium or make changes to their subscription, they will be redirected to the App Store, where they must complete the transaction using Apple’s payment platform.

  1. Increased Subscription Costs:

One of the consequences of Spotify’s decision to utilize Apple’s payment system is the potential for increased subscription costs. Apple charges a 30% commission fee on in-app purchases, which includes subscription fees. As a result, Spotify has increased the price of its Premium subscription for users who subscribe through the App Store to offset the additional costs imposed by Apple.

  1. Limited Payment Options:

Another drawback for Spotify Premium users on iPhone is the limited payment options available. When using Apple’s payment system, users are restricted to paying with their Apple ID balance or using the credit or debit card associated with their Apple account. This limitation may be inconvenient for users who prefer to use alternative payment methods or who already have an existing payment arrangement with Spotify.

  1. Lack of Promotional Offers:

Promotional offers, such as discounted subscriptions or extended free trials, are a common marketing strategy used by streaming services to attract new users. However, due to the constraints imposed by Apple’s payment system, Spotify Premium users on iPhone may miss out on exclusive deals and promotions that are available to users who subscribe directly through Spotify’s website.

  1. Restricted Access to User Data:

Spotify values user data to improve its service and provide personalized recommendations. However, with Apple’s payment system in place, Spotify has limited access to certain user data. This restriction may hinder Spotify’s ability to tailor its recommendations, discover new artists, and enhance the overall user experience.

  1. Potential Disruption in the User Experience:

The changes enforced by Apple may lead to a disruption in the user experience for Spotify Premium users on iPhone. With the redirection to the App Store for subscription management, users may encounter additional steps and processes, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Moreover, the lack of integration between Spotify’s app and Apple’s payment system may create inconsistencies or confusion for users.

  1. Possible Shift to Alternative Streaming Platforms:

The unfavorable conditions imposed by Apple could prompt some Spotify Premium users on iPhone to consider alternative streaming platforms. Competitors like Apple Music, which seamlessly integrate with the iOS ecosystem, may become more appealing to users seeking a more streamlined experience. This shift could potentially impact Spotify’s market share among iPhone users.


Spotify Premium users on iPhone are facing some unfortunate news due to the changes in Apple’s policies and the subsequent decisions made by Spotify. The removal of the in-app purchase option, forced use of Apple’s payment system, potential price increases, limited payment options, and restricted access to user data are all factors that can negatively impact the user experience. As a result, some users may consider switching to alternative streaming platforms that offer a more integrated and hassle-free experience within the iOS ecosystem.


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